24 BEST Trade Show Swag That Will Make a Lasting Impression Under $1.25

If you’re on a tight budget these low-cost giveaways, known as swag, are a great way to promote your business at your next trade show event. The vast majority of trade show exhibitors surveyed agree that there is no substitute for attending industry-specific events in person, and promotional swag is one of the most popular ways a business can stand out. If you are attending a trade show but don’t have a lot of money to spend these are your best bets.

Despite the low cost, there are still some things you need to know. With lower cost items it is important to note that many have set up charges with higher minimum quantity orders. If you are attending a smaller show and don’t expect to hand out many items it may be cheaper to get a more expensive item with a lower quantity order. The take here is to know your budget and estimated quantity first before you shop. Regardless of your strategy here are the best low-cost items under 1.25 with quantity discounts available..

lip balm promotional swag giveaway

SPF 15 Lip Balm

$1.00 each/150*

chip clip

Keep-It™ Clip (4″)

$1.15 each/250*


9 Inch Flyers

$1.23 each/2008*

Eco Friendly Wheat Straw Pen

Eco Friendly – Click Action Pen

$0.69 each/100*

Can Cozy with Logo

Foamzone Collapsible Can Cooler

$0.99 each/100*

Baseball Schedule Card

Baseball Schedule Laminated Card/Postcard With Magnet Strip (3.5X8.5)

$0.66 each/200*

Jar Opener

Silicone Circular Jar Opener

$1.05 each/100*

Key Whistle

Whistle Keychain

$0.23 each/500*

Phone Wallet

Silicone Phone Wallet

$1.25 each/100*

stadium cup

32 Oz. Classic Smooth Walled Plastic Stadium Cup With Our Realcolor360 Imprint

$0.95 each/500*

Emery Board Nail File

Standard Emery Board – Nail File

$0.42 each/750*

Wood Measure Ruler

6″ Natural Wood Ruler 1 Side

$0.63 each/250*

Bandage Dispenser

Medi-Fey™ Bandage Dispenser

$0.99 each/250*

metal straw

Metal Bent Silver Straw

$1.15 each/500*

sticky pad

Sticky Notes 4X3

$0.75 each/250*

hand sanitizer

0.5oz Compact Hand Sanitizer Antibacterial Gel

$1.10 each/250*


Round Coaster

$0.62 each/250*


Economy Pencil

$0.35 each/500*

wallet card

Laminated Wallet Card

$0.66 each/250*



$0.74 each/250*

stress ball

Round Stress Ball

$1.24 each/250*

fireworks glasses

Fireworks Glasses

$1.08 each/500*

chocolate coins

Custom Chocolate Foiled Coins

$0.51 each/1000*

luggage tag

Luggage Tag

$1.20 each/250*

Choosing low-cost swag often comes down to your budget and the quantity you plan to hand out. More important is how you use the promotional items to relate them to your business. For instance, if you sponsor a firework show perhaps it’s better to hand out firework glasses rather than something unrelated to the event. Another strategy is to give out promotional items related to your company. For example, if you run a beach vacation company, you may want to either give away beach balls, bags, towels, or frisbees, rather than items that have no relation to your business. If you need additional help, please contact us. With many years of experience, KatArt Visuals can help you choose the best “Swag” that suits your needs. If you need additional help, please contact us. With many years of experience, KatArt Visuals can help.

* Prices and minimum quantities are estimated based on January 2024.

Article written by Michael Gugliotto

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