Get Noticed with Retractable Roll-Up Banner Stands

What are Retractable Roll Up Banners?

Also known as Roll-Up Banner Stands, Retractable Banners, or Pull Up Banners, are vertical portable banners that are supported by a base stand and an adjustable pole. The whole graphic rolls into the base of the roll-up making it a small package that fits neatly into a slim padded carrying case. Unlike, traditional banners that are difficult to hang up or even find a place to hang them, Retractable Roll-Up Banner Stands, are lightweight, compact, easy to transport, and simple to set-up with no additional tools or man power. For the best impact, custom printed designs are available for spreading your message, promoting your events or selling your products.

The banner is surely time-saving. When you receive the printed banner, it comes to you ready to use instantly with everything you need – aluminum base, banner, kickstand, and many have a carrying case. It takes only one pull to set it up for display. Roll Up Banners are available in and assortment of options, that let you tailor your banner to your event, preferences and budget.

The benefits of the Retractable Roll Up Banner Stands

• A variety of options to meet your budget
• Incredibly easy to set up
• Comes with a travel case
• Compact when retracted for easy storage and transport
• Built to withstand the rigors of constant use
• Custom Printed Designs.
• Most stands support graphic replacement
• Compatible with vinyl, polyester film and fabric banner materials

Where to put them

No trade show booth is complete without at least one retractable banner stand. While trade shows may be the most obvious venue for using a banner stand, they certainly aren’t the only one. Use a roll-up stand to state who you are, what you do, or what products and services you provide. This vehicle, for your brand cannot be ignored when stationed at the entrance to your shop, conference hall, or trade show booth.

Retractable Roll-Up Banner Stands are great for:

• Indoor/outdoor Markets,
• Trade Shows
• Corporate Events
• Retail Store Marketing
• Shopping Malls
• Business Meetings
• Stage Presentations
• Reception of Hotels
• Railway Stations
• Presentation Forums
• Gyms
• Special Events
• Conference Room Displays

Types of Displays

Certainly, there are all types of Roll Up Banner Stands. The most common size runs 33 inches wide and extends to seven feet tall. The most popular Banner Stand is 33w” x 80h” inches, an industrial standard size for floor models. For a more understated effect, or because you lack floor space, there are also a variety of Table-Top Banner Stands. Because of their compact design, thin and light materials, You can display the banner stand on any surface easily, indoor or outdoor.
Printing material options include:
• glare resistant
• curl resistant
• scratch resistant polyester film
• Dye-sub image on a polyester fabric

Retractable Banner Stands are a great long-term investment. They look sharp, travel well, and retain their value for many marketing events to come. From advertising a product to informing people, these banners come with flexibility that you can benefit a lot from. Above all, no matter how big or small your company is, your Retractable Banner Stand will be a great asset towards your marketing efforts for years to come.

If you need additional information please contact us. With many years of experience KatArt Visuals can help you choose a Roll-Up Banner Stand that suits your needs.

Article written by Michael Gugliotto

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