1) Long Range Graphics

Long-range trade show graphics can be viewed and read from at least 100 feet or farther. Usually used for branding, logo and signature products. If you need something to attract customers think of how far away they will be able to read your message.

2) Mid Range Graphics

Mid Range Graphics: Mid-range trade show graphics are viewable 10-50 feet. Most common for signs and images used to further identify your companies, products and services. The intent of mid-range graphics is to lure attendees who are walking the aisles into your space. A slogan or offer that has a catching phrase and graphics are often used. Mid-range graphics are shown on the outer walls of an island or peninsula exhibit or featured on the back wall of displays.

3) Short Range Graphics

Short-range trade show graphics are meant to communicate your brand’s message once attendees are in your exhibit space from 1-10 feet away. Short-range graphics include images and text legible only from close distances. Copy typically includes products or company information as well as infographics, charts and graphs.

4) Height

Long Range Graphics should be positioned at the top of your display or displayed at the maximum height allowed by show management.

  • Mid-range graphics should be positioned at or just above eye level, between 5-8 feet from the ground.
  • Short-range graphics should be positioned at eye level, between 5-6 feet from the ground.

5) Color

Color can make your display stand out and determine the mood of your space. It’s best to have a professional designer help you with the choices you make based on your products and target market audience. Be careful to have a unified color theme. Most importantly, Colors have a powerful ability to effect emotion and mood. For example, Restaurants use reds, yellows and orange colors that have a stimulating effect, while hospitals use blue and greenish colors that have a calming effect.

5) Images

Imagery should be clear and easy to understand. Above all, the images you choose for your trade show graphics should support your message and be powerful enough to communicate it, regardless of whether an attendee reads your marketing copy or not.

5) Lighting

Although, lighting is not a graphic, it is very important to make yourself stand out. A well-lit trade show exhibit is essential, allowing visitors to easily read signs and promotional materials. Back lit panels are highly effective. You want lighting bright enough to draw attention without blinding attendees.

Article written by Michael Gugliotto

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