Almost every business that attends trade show events needs a printed trade show table cover. This is true at smaller and more local conferences, such as Chamber of Commerce events, regional events, as well as larger corporate shows. At smaller events many planners typically organize small booth spaces with table and chairs for each exhibitor or supplier. You will also see table covers at very large trade show expos, covered with swag, promotional products, brochures and business cards. Regardless of the venue, your goal as the exhibitor is to maximize your corporate branding, and take advantage of printed table covers as part of your overall advertising message.

Trade Show table covers, also referred to as tablecloths or throws, come in a variety of options. There is also the table runner, a less expensive option, which is a smaller printed cloth that is placed over a unprinted tablecloth. What option is best for you is determined by your needs and personal preference. There are advantages and limitations for each. Here is a quick breakdown.

Table Cover Throw
1. Throw
2. Fitted Tablecloth
Spandex Stretch Table Cover
3. Spandex Stretch Table Cover
4. Table Runner


  1. Table Throw: A cover that is a non fitted or pleated. This is a good option if you will be using it on venue supplied tables since they tend to vary in size and fit.
  2. Fitted Tablecloth: A cover that is fitted and pleated to a specific sized table. A polished look and a good option if you bring your own tables to the venues.
  3. Stretch Spandex Table Cover: A cover that stretches and form fits around a specific sized table. Spandex Form Fitting tablecloths are very popular right now. They create a very nice polished look if you bring your own table to the venues.
  4. Table Runner: A smaller printed cloth that lays over a full unprinted table cover. A great option if you are introducing new products or promotions. Also a good option with a limited budget.


Most of the fabrics available for trade show table covers are either polyester knit, polyester poplin or spandex. The choice of these materials frequently depend on, budget, how you will be using it and how you want the cover to fit.

  1. Polyester Poplin: A very nice economical choice for table covers. It is durable, wrinkle resistant, and stain resistant.
  2. Polyester Knit: Drapes and flows more naturally and is considered the highest quality choice for table covers. It is durable, lightweight, and more wrinkle resistant than poly-poplin.
  3. Spandex: A contour stretch fit material that lies flat, resists wrinkling and is form fitting. This cover fits snug around the table and is very popular. The contour stretch fabric offers a smooth, sleek look—and its special spandex polyester material makes it the perfect canvas for displaying full-color imagery that really pops.

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